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Hi, and thanks for the reply.

I think that's the second step in what I am trying to do. Maybe I have the wrong workflow in mind, but here's what I am trying to develop Perspectives to support.

I come into the office in the morning. I click a Perspective called "Business Available," which is focused on my Business folder and then displays all of the tasks that I might possibly want to work on that day. I would go through that list and flag things I want to get done that day, and when I'm done with this little daily mini-review, I would switch to a second Perspective called "Business Flagged," which would be all tasks in my Business folder that are flagged, and that becomes my to do list for that day.

I just can't figure out how to set up the "Business Available" Perspective to show all of the tasks I might possibly want to consider for that day. I think there are two ways to define it:

Idea One: display:
* all Flagged
* all Due Soon
* all tasks with no Due Date

Idea Two: display
* all tasks, regardless of flag or due date, expect for any task that has a start date in the future

I think (but am not sure) that either gets me what I want, or maybe I'm missing something, either in terms of defining a Perspective or my workflow.

Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks much.