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You can search for any items that still exist in your main database (i.e. items that haven't been deleted or archived). But, those items must be visible with the current view bar settings. So if you want to search on completed actions, set your action filter to completed or to all items.
Just one tiny bit of clarification: by "visible" Dennis means that if you fully expanded all of the rows in the display, the item in question would appear. It doesn't have to actually be in sight for the search to work, however. So if you save a perspective that is grouped by due date, for example, and save the perspective with many of the groups closed, if your search target occupies one of the closed groups, it will still be found by the search, but it won't be displayed unless you open that group. Searching in your "today" view will still find things that are due tomorrow or last week, so long as they would be visible in the "today" view if everything was expanded.

Hopefully I haven't made things less clear :-)