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Hi, I'm a new user and have purchased OmniPlan for use in a multi-year research project I'm spearheading. I've pretty much got all of my personell and tasks in the Gantt chart and the calendar dates look good.

However, I'd like to do one more thing, if possible. Since the project revolves around an academic setting, I'd like to include a visual representation of the academic semesters on the Gantt view (task view). Ideally, I'd like this to be represented by a translucent, labelled, vertical regions of the calendar, rather than tasks or task groups. This does not replace the calendar dates (months, years) but is in addition to that information.

For example, it might look something like the following, withe box being semi-transparent, and have a label for the spring semester. (This was just a quick and dirty rendering...)

Thanks for any help...