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A summary to be found in this interesting thread (to which Ken Case recently contributed a perspective), is that Scripting Bridge is:
"fundamentally defective by design and breaks to some degree or other on pretty much all apps"
As you will read in the thread (if you haven't seen it already), all of this kind of non-Applescript scripting is getting increasingly fragile at the moment. The Ruby route described there by Matt Neuburg (fetching the dictionary through sdef instead ascr/gdte) seems to be the most robust for now (apart from Applescript itself).

It's still not clear what the mid-term effects of sand-boxing on the scriptability of OS X will really be. To quote the phrase used by Matt Neuburg, again in that thread, it may still be a bit early get too "happy-clappy" about the impact of sandboxing on automating work-flows and integrating apps into larger tool-chains... )


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