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Here, on the end of the thread is a temporary solution:
Saw the sync flagged to ical AppleScript, and there're multiple problems with scripting solutions. You have to manage select/unselect Flagged<=>iCal -- if you change your mind and unflag a todo, it should disappear from iCal, too; you may edit it; etc. Now this is where Things shines in maintaining Today identical to the iCal calendar you sync it into. This management should be done in the same way OF currently syncs a context to iCal, watching like a hawk over any discrepancies. It is beyond of what a script can do, and it is vital for managing you most current "today" items, which must be auto-synced all the time.

So guys -- if you need properly managed Sync to Flagged, remember to email your feature request to the ninjas!

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