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Hi there--

I've been using OmniFocus about a week now, syncing with iCal, then through Missing Sync to my Winmobile cellphone, which is using PI 8. After some initial screaming and complaining, everything settled down and the combination now works great!

Except for two things. All OmniFocus tasks seem to be automatically be assigned "low importance". I can set them back to "normal" in iCal, and it seems to stick. I don't use importance, so it's not a big deal.

However, start dates aren't coming across either. They seem to convert to due dates. I note that PI8 uses start and due, and so does OmniFocus, but that iCal has a position for due date only, so I assume that iCal is the problem and that OmniGroup can't do anything about it. I'm posting it here, though, just on the off-chance that I'm wrong and there's some box I haven't checked or something. Is anyone else having this problem?