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Does the Forecast view on the iPad (didn't realize you had one) not accomplish that for you? In what way does it not meet your needs? DA's calendar gospel speaks of three uses:
  1. time-specific actions
  2. day-specific actions
  3. day-specific information

Time-specific actions are just appointments. Check!
Day-specific actions are actions that need to happen sometime that day. Start + due handles this. Check!
Day-specific information is a bit murky and inconsistent: I see it as as a bit of a kludge, myself. The only reason for putting it on the calendar is to have quick access to something related to today yet which may not even be actionable. Quite a contrast with what he says about the calendar on the very next page: "The way I look at it, the calendar should be sacred territory. If you write something there, it must get done that day or not at all." Does that sound identical to "information that may be useful on a certain date" to you? :-) But in any case, if you managed to stuff it into iCal, the Forecast view can be configured to reveal its presence to you. Check.

If you've got an iPhone and iPad both running OmniFocus, there's really no point in turning on iCal sync; everything it was ever intended to do is done better by the OmniFocus iOS apps.