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Thanks for your help so far, guys!

I've created a name style. Applying it with Ctrl-4 or F4 works fine.

Now I'm trying to remap this action to my favorite hotkey (Cmd-Y) with Keyboard Maestro. Although KM executes the macro just fine, OO doesn't seem to react to the simulated keystroke (which is strange because it does so in other Keyboard Maestro macros. For instance, I can switch the sidebar with F9 which tells KM to simulate Cmd-Ctrl-T).

Any ideas?

(By the way, if there's no solution to this, I wouldn't mind going back to the AppleScript approach. If I can't access selections but only entire cells, that's alright with me. GUI-Scripting the font inspector is out of the question though, because that seems too unreliable.)

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