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The secret here is that if you choose one of Due Soon, Due or Flagged, or Due and Flagged for the Status filter value, you'll only get actions which are due before the current date + the value of your Due Soon preference. If you aren't seeing any due items, that means you don't have anything which is either overdue, or due in the next however many days your Due Soon setting covers (the default is 2, if memory serves). In other words, they really mean "Due Soon", "Due Soon or Flagged", or "Due Soon and Flagged".

I think the coupling of the Due Soon value and the scope of the view is a bit unfortunate in this case, as I want the different Due Soon styling to only occur to actions due in the next day or two, but I'd like to see more than a day or two when actually looking at a list of upcoming due items! The only options are to show all due items, and not look at the whole list, or have the due soon value cover more time. Not ideal.

If you don't want to see actions with no due date, go with the first set of settings you provided, but close the group showing actions with no due date, and when you save the perspective, check the box that says Restore Expansion.