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The approach I stated is a conservative one, and if followed should protect you from the bug Omni hasn't yet fixed. I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying: if you make a change on device A, be sure that you sync device A before starting to use devices B, C, D, etc. I'm not saying that you have to keep all the devices in sync all the time. You just want to make sure that the device you are using has all of the changes that have been made (and you should want that even if you didn't have to worry about this bug).

The trouble happens (and it should be said, only infrequently happens) when you make a change on device A, don't sync it, then device B comes along, makes a change, syncs it, and when device A's change is finally synced, it undoes part or all of device B's change. If you sync the device after making a change, and sync the device when you start using it, you eliminate the conditions needed for the bug to rear its ugly head. You also lessen the chance of losing any particular change due to loss of the device on which you made it, because syncing effectively backs up the change.

If the change isn't worth syncing, why bother making it?