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The key issue in my scenario is stop repeatable tasks after a duplicate exist.

The repeatable task should also refer to the date; and stop creating tasks for future dates with duplicates. I see why it may be good to continue generating future tasks; say if you complete the task early. But the logic could test for duplicates like; Has this repeatable task already been generated? Yes, then avoid creating another task in the future.

Other applications deals with repeatable tasks as an alarm and don't generate a new task each time.

Please give me insight on dealing with this repeatable task scenario. For example, a task like "check your email." This task is very simple for example only. Say you don't get to check your email everyday, because you are on vacation. So you may have 14 days of this task, which is fine. Since you have a backlog, then you may focus on your inbox for 15 minutes at a time; 14 times over the course of several days. Hence, the repeatable task allows you to play catch up while attending to your other tasks.

Should I set the task on repeatable on the start date or completed date?