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It seems I am misunderstanding your question. I thought I answered what you asked in your original post. Do you not want to clean out duplicate items, or figure out why future items are visible?

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The key issue in my scenario is stop repeatable tasks after a duplicate exist.
So, now having your key issue stated. This functionality is not possible in OmniFocus. There is no mechanism I know of in OmniFocus to do any such thing. The repeating task parameters are pretty straight forward and as you say you know how to set these up. I will take you at your word.

I know your example is just an example, but we forget that in these examples many approaches can be deemed acceptable and unacceptable. Here are two ways of how I would approach your email backlog example. Your mileage may vary.

1) I would have foreseen a two week vacation I had planned for and scheduled. In this planning I would proactively address any email needing a response, setup an out of office notification illustrating what to do to have items handled during my absence, and prepared time to address such issues as catching up on email as a separate temporary side project throughout my first week back. Even scheduled specific time allotments for this as it pertains to the performance of my job. Finally, I adjust my repeating daily "check email" task to begin again after I return from vacation.

2) As this scenario is an example. Let's suppose I was not aware of a sudden event which resulted in my unexpected time away from my email. Nothing was planned and I have a backlog to deal with.

I would then address this issue.
  • Move any back log email (things in my inbox prior to today) to a temporary folder in my Mail application.
  • I quickly scan, not read or open, all the backlog email to see if any "emergency" or "vital" emails are present; if so, handle them first.
  • Adjust my daily repeating "check email" task's date for today.
  • Setup a side project to address this email back log in a tight frequency and an overall due date for the project to be competed within a week.
  • Upon addressing all of the back log email - instead of marking the task complete, delete it and mark the project complete.

Essentially, the email backlog scenario is not your routine "check email" repeating task. It is a separate mini project which holds a different timeframe, objective, and result from your standard daily email task. This scenario is something you either plan for or are reacting to and is a deviation from your routine which needs to be addressed in a manner separate from said routine.

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Should I set the task on repeatable on the start date or completed date?
I do not have enough information to begin to answer this question. Especially since I missed the mark on your key issue from your original posting.