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I just discovered yesterday that my recent bookmarks were not keeping up with me on the (3) different machines I run OmniWeb on. I am using WebDAV syncing with mod_dav running under Apache on my personal linux server.

I did some poking around and it seems that none of the 5.5SP have made any requests to the WebDAV directory on the server. I turned off bookmark syncing in OW prefs, and re-enabled it. Tabbing out of the server-address input field, I get an error "Not a WebDAV server." However, from running 'tail -f' on the webdav server's access.log and error.log, it appears OW isn't even trying to contact the server!

Some details about the WebDAV url just in case it helps:
it looks like this:

I disabled non-SSL webdav once Mac OS X 10.3 came out with HTTPS WDAV support. Only the /mk2 directory has WebDAV enabled (e.g. is just plain http/ssl)

I am still able to mount the WebDAV directory using Finder, and browsing to it in OmniWeb generates the same directory listing it used to (once i type in the username and password).

Any thoughts, OG folks? Is this a known issue that didn't make it into the sneaky peek release notes?