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I am a recent Mac convert, and I'm looking for a GTD tool that will help me lasso everything into one place. I run Lotus Notes 8.5, which now has a very good "follow-up" tool, and Mac Mail's ToDo function. But this gives me two lists and neither terribly good at helping me organize and track my ToDo's in a GTD style. I found a year old thread where someone had gotten some integration with Lotus Notes 7, but nothing recent... and the linked DMG in that thread is now gone.... along with the user that posted it. Anyone doing this?

I am also waiting to join an iNotes pilot at work and to confirm if the email urls are persistant there... if so, then Safari's Service Menu might be the ticket... assuming I would want to run Notes in a browser when I have the full client available. OmniFocus may be the reason to do it.