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Just bought OmniOutliner for iPad. It seems like really cool app!

I tried to export as a test an file from OmniOutliner for iPad to OmniSync server. I am pressing, Export to WebDAV (in iPad) / OmniOutliner.

I am getting this message: Unable to perform WebDAV operation. The server returned "moved permanently" (301) in response to a request to "MOVE/devastat/Juanin Käsis.003-write-in-progress-dSzCO9531WI/JuaninKäsis.003-write-in-progress-djoke9-nhHq".

So the export was unsuccesful.

I seem to have now two folders in my omnisync server: Juanin Käsis (created by OmniOutliner for iPad) and Omnifocus (where my Omnifocus files are stored).

My questions are:

1) Is it possible to get somehow exporting to OmniSync server to work on iPad?

2) Will I be able to open exported documents (to Omnisync server) in Outliner for Mac?

3) How can I delete this new unnecessary folder "Juanin Käsis" from my Omnisync Server Folder?

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