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I'm sorry but now that I'm part of the OmniWeb family, I will start asking for features too, Eventually many of them I guess :( I hope most are doable and simple for you, and that you decide to do them. I hope I can use the OmniWeb plugin system (or the WebKit one at worst) to implement some myself and help. But many will possibly have to be handled by you guys.

Here are two to start with:

*) I'd like the tab-drawer opening when a new tab is created to be optional (configurable) so I can disable auto opening of the drawer.

*) I'd like, crave, LOVE, die, to have in OmniWeb the possibiliy that has been recently aded to subscribe found feeds (beautyfull display btw) in external RSS programs/sites. Personally I use BlogLines for all my feeds and I'd love to be able to subscribe the feeds on BlogLines directly, something that Firefox 2.0 and IE 7 have recently added themselves. :)