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I do something a little bit off the best practices beaten path for "optional" calendar events -- I like to keep my calendar clear of anything that isn't definitely going to happen, so I can easily see if I've got any hard conflicts in my schedule. The "optional" events I'll toss into OF with a start and due date corresponding to the start and finish time of the event, and so I'll see them in the morning as I look at my "tickler" perspective. At that point I can pitch it, or work it into my plans for the day, or let it slide for a few hours and see how the day plays out. I think of them as "someday/maybe" calendar events. I get an unobtrusive reminder that it is Free Tuesday at the museum, or family night at the drive-in theater, or any similar "might be fun if we've got the time and the energy" sort of event and the minimal clutter it contributes to OF seems to be much less objectionable than putting it on the calendar where it would force me to look at it more carefully. Your mileage may vary.

I do not do this because I want OF to have a built-in calendar, just to be clear!