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I am just starting to use OF and loving it. Today I'm doing something that I'm not sure if is a good idea or not, and it relates to syncing with the iPhone. I sit on a certification review board and am preparing for an upcoming board. I need to review a number of candidate's certification packages. These come to me in Lotus Notes and are quite lengthy. I created a new project in OF and an action for each package I need to review. Then I thought, I'll just copy and past the packages into the actions so that I have one stop shopping. Now my mind has gone to "what happens when I sync this to the iPhone"? I'm wondering if there should be a way with the sync settings to limit the amount of data that gets synced to the iPhone. Many mobile mail clients let you set a limit of xxK of data that will be brought to the mobile client, or "headers only" so that the mobile client doesn't become filled with stuff. Wondering if this is a good idea?