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There are certainly some situations that could benefit from this sort of feature, but it's also got a lot of issues, such as: how do we determine what information you need on the phone? What granularity, how does the user control this, how do we manage data integrity with an arbitrary number of clients syncing arbitrary amounts of data?

Your mail client example isn't a perfect parallel, as you don't modify received email messages (you may delete, forward, etc., but not modify the details), whereas you _can_ modify actions.

We may do some variant of this in the future, but it's certainly not imminent, I'm afraid.

The way people currently deal with this sort of thing is to put the "reference" data in a separate file (in TextEdit, OmniOutliner, etc) and provide a link to it in the action. I realize that's not as ideal as you probably want, but hopefully it's an approach that would work for you for now.