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I finally got it to work after a couple of resets and a lot of patience. How I got into it was doing a copy/paste on something that was about a 65 page document into an Action Item. I probably wouldn't do this again, but that is the way the email came to me... yep, 65 pages of formatted text in the email, and I was trying to be pure in the way I was using OmniFocus. Bottom line is if you send this kind of thing to the iPhone, its going to bog you down. Ironically, once it loads it actually works fine for reading it, but the lag and apparent look that nothing is going on created the problems... and since I had last looked at this action, then when I came back into OF on the iPhone it kept on trying to re-open that same action.

My orginal suggestion was that you might want to just limit what you show for an action if someone does something silly like this... maybe right in the iPhone. Just open the first few pages and keep the rest hidden. Then maybe put a button to allow the person to open the whole thing and prevent any edits unless they do that. Probably 99% of the time it won't be an issue, but this would catch the few cases where you have someone doing something silly like this.