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That is how it works in Mail for HTML messages on the iPhone - it downloads a certain amount of a message, displays that to you and offers you the opportunity to download the rest if you want/need to.

Btw, I have zero experience with attachments in OmniFocus (desktop or iPhone) as I never attach anything to my actions, so this is very low on my own list of priorities. ;)
One thing to note is that I'm not really talking about an attachment (as in a Word document or something), I'm talking about a copy/paste of a document into the attachment space. After I printed it out and realized it was 65 pages, I realized it was kind of stupid to have done it.

I'm surprised you are using this feature though, as it is one of the most powerful parts of OmniFocus if you ask me. This is how I'm able to file all my emails and have all my InBaskets empty. I have links to the original emails, and usually the body of the email... so I can do everything from within OmniFocus, taking notes as I work an action and then when I'm ready to reply or something its right there for me to fire up a reply. If I had to rely on going back to my email systems and finding the information to reply it would be a big setback.

I use Mac Mail and Lotus Notes both quite a bit... so I always was struggling with two InBaskets if I tried to use the ToDo feature of either one. Now I've got a way to pull them all together, along with all my other ToDos. This just became a reality this week when I was able to start using iNotes, a browser based version of Notes so that I can capture a URL for an email message into OmniFocus.