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I need to print the timeline only so that each week I can stick it on the wall so everyone can see their tasks, and others, for the week ahead. It's not an extensive project but I don't want to have to cut into shape and tape together 6 pages; 3 high and 2 across every Monday.

I have changed the page set up to landscape and fiddled with the %. I have fiddled extensively with the print dialogue drop down box, but can't expand my selection of one or two weeks to fit across the page on 1 or 2 pages. It squishes over to the left like it's embarrassed (fiddled with margins), or drops to a font so small it's hiding, or won't let the dimensions stick. "no you can't have 1 page wide and 3 down" I hear it imply.

There has been traffic before in the forums but it looks old and unresolved, or I missed the post with the eureka answer, if so sorry. Any help greatly appreciated.