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Happy to help! Here's a view that shows you actions in their projects and sorted in that manner, but still lets you arrange items however you'd like to in Project mode.

View -> Context Mode
View -> Sidebar Filter -> All Contexts
View -> Grouping -> Project
View -> Sorting -> Start Date
View -> Status Filter -> Remaining

This approach will show actions in their projects and will show them sorted by due date without actually re-sorting them and breaking that project in the other view.

(For some projects, step 1 has to be finished for step 2 to start; an auto sort by due date in project view would break that sort of project.)

If this view does show what you're looking for, you can save it for further use by selecting
Perspectives -> Save window as -> New Perspective.

If that view doesn't do what you want, there may be another combination of settings that does. Let us know what you need done differently and we're happy to help.