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I'm not sure I understand the question correctly, because I got a totally different read on it than Brian. You want a view showing the actions for those projects only, and it should be sorted by start date of the actions?

Assuming I've understood correctly, here's what I would do:

Go to Project view (cmd-1) and select only the projects you want included. Now click the Focus button. Switch to Context view (cmd-2), and set the view bar to All Contexts, Ungrouped, Sort by Start, Remaining, Any Status, Any Duration. Make sure the Start date column is shown, and the Project column too if you need to know which project the action belongs to. If the resulting view is what you are after, then save it as a perspective, making sure that the Restore Focus box is ticked. This is a view more useful for seeing what to do next, not so much for planning your work.