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Hi Martin,

I had a similar issue happen to me:

For subproject A, I created a workflow (complete with dependencies). When attempting to copy subproject A into new subprojects (subproject B, C, D, E, F), I noticed that all of the dependencies would become mixed.

Instead of having 6 isolated subprojects, the dependencies somehow became tangled amongst all of the subprojects. I was surprised at this behavior because this did not happen to me in OmniPlan 1. Soooooooo, I exported and the subproject A file (as OmniPlan 1) and re-opened the file in OmniPlan 1. After a quick copy/paste, the subprojects were copied and the original dependencies were respected. I then saved the file in OP 1 and re-opened the file in OP 2.

Dependencies are still intact.

I expect to submit this as a bug sometime today/tomorrow.

Many blessings,