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I use MS Word's outline view, which I find pretty darn good, because the keyboard shortcuts allow me to move items around with ease. I have used OO for a month, and I found it harder to move things around. For example,

Heading 1
Subheading 1
Subheading 2
Heading 2
Heading 3

In OO, if I want to move Subheading 1 down under Heading 2, I have to promote Sh1, move it down, then demote it to get it under H2: 4 keystrokes.

In MSWord, all I have to do is to move the item down: 2 keystrokes, and it's a lot easier because I don't have remember to move left and right (moreover, if I do forget to promote, the cursor jumps, and I end up moving Heading 2 down below Heading 3).

What is the reason for this restriction? Is there going to be an opt-out in OO4? I'm interested in buying OO for all its other features, but ease-of-use is the most important.