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Dear all,

i am pretty new to omni focus and i am trying to generate a perspective that shows all actions / projects that have not been assigned a due date yet.

Often I just dump all tasks on mind to omni focus, later i start composing a bit, most of the time just be assigned contexts. If I get really busy and the list gets packed, IŽd love to set some priorities, e.g. assigned due dates later on.

thx for any help in advance
This is the wrong way to use due dates. Arbitrarily assigning due dates so that you later can "see" tasks and as a matter of prioritizing them will lead to stress, and an unworkable system. Having a process of regular reviews (using the built-in review functionality) can help.

That said, just go to context view, show "all tasks" and group by due date. All tasks with no due date will appear in the same section. Where again you SHOULD NOT slap a due date on each and every one of them :-)