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One more voice in the "don't put a due date on everything" chorus :-) I'm really a big fan of using start dates rather than due dates, and use due dates only as a safety net, really.

As you say you are new to OmniFocus, I'll point out a few date handling tips that you might have overlooked.

First, by clicking on the little gear in the column headers (over the scroll bar) of the OF window, you can add or remove various columns from the display, such as the start and due dates. You might find that a more convenient way to add or adjust dates than the inspector.

Second, you can use the inspector to set dates on multiple items simultaneously. If you have a collection of items in the window which need to have tomorrow as their due date, just select them all, using the standard Mac OS X selection tools and clicking on the row handles, then bring up the inspector and set the due date for everything in the selection.