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After a little futzing about, I've discovered that a few keyboard-accessible special characters can be used to create a pseudo-tag that is searchable in Spotlight or the Finder. All other punctuation characters were either invisible to Spotlight or generated no results even when they were contained in a file. I only tested this on a US keyboard.

Choices: Option-z, option-9 and option-0 (main keyboard, not keypad) are searchable special characters.

Adding these pseudo-tags works anywhere. So you can add a 'Tags' Section or add them to the notes for the Section(s) they are related too.

* option-z: ΩHomer
* option-9: ªBartª
* option-0: ºLisaº

Of course another option is to just add a unique string to each item you want to 'tag', such as 'tagMarge'.

Please note that 'ª' and 'º' appear to be an 'a' and 'o' (respectively) to Spotlight. So if you use 'ºPen' as a tag, you are going to find every file with 'open' in it - which is why I suggest adding the 'º' to both ends of the item to be 'tagged'.

I know it's a kludge, but it's the best I could come up with. I'd be happy to hear any other ideas.


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