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I'm a brand new user of Project Management software. I chose OmniPlan for is price (student version), and it's slick look.

My problem is I have a class project (400 level Project Management course) that I'm putting together that requires I account for the work stoppage due to a strike of 8 weeks (70% chance), or 12 weeks (30% chance) in duration. I've made seperate charts for each possibility, but I'd like to identify the Strike as a large, red stripe on the Gantt chart to quickly see why tasks during the timeframe had to be pushed.

My instructor has already been talking about "crashing" a project. I'm not yet clear on what "crashing" means, but he said it is a common term used in project management to denote, I believe, expedition of task or tasks in order to meet deadlines.

I've got an email into Omni with a copy of my Gantt chart, but I figured I'd try to find the answer here in the forum. So far, I haven't found anything related to my problem. This leads me to believe that it's possible to do what I need OmniPlan to do.