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Others have already requested this feature (including myself). In the mean time, you can get a pretty good templates implementation by simply creating a folder in the sidebar and marking it as "dropped." I call mine "Templates." :)

Then just create some generic, reusable projects inside the folder. When you need a new instance of one of them, just Option-drag it out of the dropped folder to wherever you want in your sidebar. This creates a copy of the project, leaving the original template in place.

Curt Clifton also has a script that automates some of this, including placeholders. But I find this work-around to be very useful even without the benefit of Curt's script.

But don't let me discourage you from sending feedback to the Omni Group. By all means, send in your vote.


PS - Here's a previous thread where Curt talks about his script.

Also, you can reference my previous feature request in your feedback if you like: [OG #371820]. Although, I don't think this is strictly necessary as the ninjas seem quite good at tracking feature requests in their database.

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