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Integration between OmniFocus and OmniPlan is one of the big features we're working on for OmniFocus 2 and OmniPlan 2. It's not done yet (OmniPlan 2 is further along than OmniFocus 2 is), but here's the plan:

A project manager working in OmniPlan 2 will be able to assign tasks to individual team members, and those tasks will automatically show up in each member's OmniFocus 2 database. As people work on their tasks they should be able to update their completion status and estimates of time remaining, and OmniFocus 2 will automatically post progress updates back to OmniPlan 2, where the project manager can review and accept the updates and post an updated plan.
Awesome!!! Thank you. I love OmniFocus, and if you guys were not going to integrate or merge them I was going to purchase Merlin, which is a great project manager (but without GTD). But this kind of integration will make OmniPlan a no-brainer for OmniFocus users. You guys will own the time management space from top to bottom.

What's a realistic guestimate of when OmniPlan 2 and OmniFocus 2 might be available? I understand you can't say anything definite, but just a general general ballpark time frame so we can plan accordingly?

And thanks for the quick reply also.