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Not sure if I am missing something, or doing this incorrectly, but I am trying to use my clipping shortcut key so that I can highlight some text in the above two programs, then put them it into the Quick Entry Box in OmniFocus. For example, I have a list in SOHO Notes that I'd like to turn in a number of separate action items in OF.

I highlight the text I want to input, press the shortcut key, the Quick Entry box appears but the text I have highlighted from the other program appears in the note, rather than as the subject / title of the new item. The subject always says "from SOHO Notes" or "from Things".

I end up with a long list of new items in my Inbox all with the same title "from SOHO Notes" and I then have to edit each one to cut and paste the text from the note into the title where it should have gone in the first place.

This doesn't happen in other programs, such as in Safari - using Clippings from here correctly puts the highlighted text into the OmniFocus Inbox as the title of a new item.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a peculiarity of those software programs, rather than OF itself?