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Feedback I sent today:


Now that we have support for Perspectives in OmniFocus for iPhone, I wish we could suppress the display of the "Flagged" row on the front screen. I use perspectives that do flag filtering to narrow down my focus, and I'm really liking the way it's working for me on the iPhone. However, when I see the count of flagged items on the front page (even when Due Soon and Overdue are at or close to zero), it gives me a feeling of incompletion and somewhat spoils the feeling of being caught up, clean, and in control.

Another suggestion (probably better) would be to continue to display the Flagged row on the front page of the iPhone app, but suppress the display of the counts. I'll always have a fairly high count of flagged items, but it's meaningless to me as an indicator of how much control or perspective I currently have. In fact I'm finding that it bothers me a bit to see it there.

Please consider hiding the Flagged count on the front screen of the iPhone app. Thanks and keep up the great work!