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Q. Okay, wait, how does this Siri integration work?


Reminders need to sync to iCloud.
Settings app > iCloud > Reminders: ON
It can take a minute or so for an item to make it up to iCloud.

OmniFocus needs to be set up.
OmniFocus > Settings > iCloud Reminders >
Turn it on, and use the same iCloud account that is specified in Settings app > iCloud.
Tap the [Connect] button, and watch for the "Connection Successful" message at the bottom.

Now you can talk to Siri.
- If you tell Siri "Remind me to..." you can include when. When can be an actual date/time. "Remind me to start laundry at 7 pm" "Remind me to tell my boss about OmniFocus on Monday."
Or it can be a geonotification when you arrive/leave a place. "Remind me to call Grandma when I get home." "Remind me to get gas when I leave here."
- If you tell Siri "Remember to..." she will not ask you when. "Remember to read the new Steve Jobs biography."

Siri stores your item in Reminders.
Now, when OmniFocus becomes active, it will check your Reminders list for new items. When OmniFocus creates an action, IT WILL DELETE the corresponding Reminder item. This is so that you don't get reminded twice.