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Don't know what hardcoreUFO was thinking of, but I would include:

No javascript printing
No returning to the last viewed tab when closing a tab
No easy sorting of bookmarks in Favorites
Poor AutoFill function compared to other browsers
Poor RSS

All of these have been discussed and acknowledged for a long time...
I'd call these dearly wanted missing features, the usability bugs are:
No way to change the order of the items in the "info" panel (CMD+I) by clicking on the column headers. This bug is so old, it's not funny anymore.

Also the issue with the source view that doesn't like to use any other fonts than the default one or Helvetica, and doesn't respect encoding tags. Furthermore the source view doesn't understand any XHTML whatsoever.

And all too often OW suddenly starts chewing up 80% to 100% CPU, for no apparent reason. Especially flash based video players tax the CPU on OW much more than on, say Safari.

If I click on an ad I want a dialogue that shows me the image address, without immediately adding it to my block list and lets me change the URL (adding asterisks etc.) and then save it to my block list. I mean c'mon that's how it supposed to work.
I'd also be very happy If I switch the search/blocking syntax in the Spamfilter to non-grep syntax, that is comprehensible for non-geeks. They could simply add a checkbox [ ] is regular expression , so you could switch between regular expressions and dummy-search-lingo (like using asterisks the dummy way).

I really, really hope these and other issues will be addressed soon.