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I've been thinking the same. For the most part, it seems like all of the people at the OG that contributed to the "power user's Safari" (even before Safari) are gone. Obviously Ken is still there but I don't know how much of a part of OW he's been. It may just be a coincidence, but it seems like with some personnel changes the vision for OW has been lost.

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What, if anything can be done? I would think (hope?) that if Omni is going to work on 6.0 (and 5.8, 5.9 are a waste of time) they might work on a strong UI and feature set that would position OW as a "power-user's Safari." Things like excellent autofill, data detectors, more integration with other apps and Leopard technologies. As a web developer, I'd pay for a considerably enhanced Web Inspector, integrated JS and/or PHP debuggers, comprehensive source/DOM view (a nicer Firebug?), maybe blogging tools built in, mouse gestures, better/easier ad blocking etc etc. My point is parity won't cut it any more -- not for the customers, and not really for Omni. To have a product with a solid value proposition, they need to leapfrog what's out there -- and keep it current, reliable, and compliant.
I agree. I would pay even more than $30 if the OG continued to increase the feature set that's targeted for power users. Many people post not seeing the reason to pay for OW. I think it's a futile effort to try and compete with "free" browsers and customers who don't understand the difference.

Sure Firefox can do 90% of what OW does, but it does it poorly. I want a finely tuned, power-browser. And for that, I would probably pay more than the OG charges for any of its current products.