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Hi Omnifans,

I recently sent the below queries to OmniSupport. As I didn't get their reply in the mentioned 24 hours (guess the ninjas are busy fighting crime or bugs!), thought I'd ask you guys for help. My timelimit on the trial is running out and I've not really got the chance to work on the omnifocus app as I haven't been able to transfer my outlook tasks. Truly hope you guys can help me out. Here's the email that I sent:

I am currently in the process of making the switch from my Blackberry to an iPhone. Since I've been on a Mac for several years now, Omnifocus seems like quite the best option out there for an application to manage tasks. I do have few nagging doubt and would be grateful if you could help me out. Guiding me through these would help me a long way to complete my transition:

- All my tasks currently reside in MS Outlook. I read in the Forums that the OmniTeam were working on a script to have these transferred into OmniFocus. Is the script ready? Could you guide me through as to how I can get all my Outlook items into OmniFocus?

- I read in your FAQ's that timebased reminders aren't there for OmniFocus for the iPhone. Does that mean if I put a reminder in my Desktop version of something that I need to do by 4 Pm, I will not be reminded of this by my iPhone? If so, is there any work around?

- Currently I am trying to process my emails to zero. I have installed the Mail Clip-O-Tron 3000, Restarted the Mail app (several times actually). The clippings shortcut I have selected is Option+Space. Yet, when I hit the shortcut keys, all that happens is the next mail below gets highlighted. No capture of the task takes place.

Thanks for designing this great app. Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Arif Vakil
Bangalore, India