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I have noticed a problem with Time Machine and OmniFocus (I think).

If I have a Time Machine backup running, and then OmniFocus tries to sync then my machine hangs with the backup spinning but not progressing and the sync spinning but never finishing.

It may not be this, and I haven't tried to force it to lock as I am still trying to get the backup to complete after 2 fails.

Could there be an issue when both processes try to access the same files? OmniFocus was the only user program running at the time of the 2nd lockup. The lockup stops finder, dock, activity monitor.

I've successfully backed up 3 machines to the Time Capsule, although 2 of them have crashed unexpectedly now at different points (and those are the two that run OmniFocus).

I will also be asking in the Apple forums but I thought I'd also ask here.