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I run a recording studio, and one of the things I like to use Omnifocus for is planning recording projects. So I enter the artists name as a project, and then I enter the songs we are recording as tasks under that project. However, each one of those songs is a smaller project with many steps - many instruments to add etc. How do I turn those songs (actions) into projects while leaving them where they are, inside the current project? I know I can turn them into a project, but then they are back in a higher hierarchical level, outside the project I'm working on. Or what is a better way to do this?

I have the same problem on the iPhone version, and it makes it so I don't want to use the software. I can do this on the Mac, but I'm often doing this sort of planning on the road when I have some down time, and I don't always have my laptop, or I'd rather not carry it. Thanks - any help would be much appreciated!