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Just seeing what other people are doing for this, and it only sometimes becomes an issue for me:

My structure has 4 top level folders (work, home, school, business)

In my school folder, I have a project for each class I'm taking, along with any projects, like for example my transfer application to UW.

In the UW project, I've got a bunch of tasks, but 3 of them designate tasks from one of my previous schools, then has childern tasks within for each it looks like this

-UW Application (project)
--SCCC (first task)
---Request transcript (child task)
---Submit transcript to UW
---Request transcript
---Submit transcript to UW
--Honors Society
---Fill out application
---Pay Fee
---Submit to admin

The problem is, in forcast view on ipad/iphone, and "due today" perspective on my mac, both "request transcript" actions only show they are in the UW Application project, but I have no idea which is which. Same thing with tasks like everything under "honors society". All I get in my forecast is "pay fee". What fee?

What does everyone do to solve this? Just copying the parent name into the first part of the child name? Seems repetitive and messes up my flow when I start a list of child tasks, but may be necessary. Any idea's are welcome!