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I'm trying to incorporate OmniFocus into my workflow in a manner that makes sense to me and fits with my existing Mail usage.

What I typically do is this:

1) I often change the subject of a Mail message I've received via Mailtags notes and the "show as subject" feature.

2) With iGTD I'd then use the mail integration quickey to transfer the task to iGTD and delete the message from mail.

I'd like to do this with OmniFocus. Since the clippings functionality and services features aren't fully implemented in Leopard, I'm unable to do this via clippings.

So what I'd like to do is add an Act-On rule that uses the send to omnifocus script to send mail messages to my inbox.

I've been unsuccessful thus far. I change the subject line to "-- some task related to the e-mail"

I created an Act-On rule that uses the send to omnifocus script, but no action seems to take place when I run it. Has anyone else tried a similar setup?