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Hi! I like OmniPlan so far, but I've run into an issue:

Because I split my time between Creative and Administrative work, I represent myself in OmniPlan as two staff resources, each with 50% units. Some of my tasks are assigned to Creative, and some to Administrative, and this has worked to maintain my split-time balance. I like to work on multiple tasks simultaneously, so I usually assign each task as 25% of 50%, and the Level function gives me two Creative tasks and two Administrative tasks to work on at a time.

One of my tasks is a business trip, and I absolutely cannot work on other tasks at the same time. I assigned this task to my Creative self and my Administrative self, each as 50% of 50%.

I expected to Level function to make sure that no other tasks overlapped my business trip. However, it has me overbooked, working on some unrelated tasks at the same time. Note that these other tasks aren't related to the business trip, and they are not time sensitive.

Is there a way to tell the Level function to absolutely not allow resource overuse? Is this a case of it instituting "crunch time" in order to keep the project moving forward?