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Seeking feedback on the hierarchy for the folders on my computer (both in Finder and in Mail) and my physical folder system.

I'm working up a meta system drawing (in OG) that has representations of my systems and their hierarchies, such as mind maps, (physical) file system, tickler file, email folders, computer folders (projects and reference), and of course, OF. I'm not listing the content of these things, just their structure. To give me (and in the future, anyone working for me) a high level view of things.

OF Projects manually and dynamically change state often (i.e., Active, Stalled, Pending, On Hold, Dropped, Completed).

I'm thinking of using just one container (for Finder, Mail, and file cabinet) for active / waiting for / on-hold / pending project folders, and then separate ones for someday/maybe, dropped, and completed. My thought here is that it would be ridiculous to have the first four grouped items as separate folders, and then be moving folders between them as their state changes in OF. I use OF as the master organizer, so not I'm reviewing projects based on the folder they live in, in Finder, Mail, and file cabinet. OTOH, it is nice to keep someday/maybe, dropped, and completed project folders in their own categories. Probably just psychological, but that's how I'm feeling about it.

I know that whatever system works is the one to use, but I thought I'd toss this out, since there are some amazing minds here that often have useful ideas.


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