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I'm sorry for the trouble that this is causing!

The best thing to do here would be to contact the support ninjas via email so we can work with you to get this straightened out. We browse the forums as we're able, but if you send us an email, you're guaranteed a response.

One thing that may help would be to open up OmniFocus' sync preferences and press the "Show Clients" button in that pane. If the list that appears in the sheet that drops down includes entries for phones or Macs that are no longer syncing, your sync server may be keeping extra data around so those devices can catch up if they ever sync again.

If you don't see any duplicate or out-of-date entries in that sheet, you'll definitely want to contact the support ninjas. We'll get it straightened out.

(I deleted your thread over in the OmniFocus for Mac forum, since it was just a pointer to this post. Cross posting isn't necessary to attract our attention.)