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(Since the calendar can only be set up on the iPhone, I'm posting this tip here; once OmniFocus for Mac incorporates the calendar notification feature, I'll move and/or delete this post.)

A couple of folks have asked how to subscribe to the "OmniFocus Reminders" calendar on their Mac(s) once it's been created by the iPhone version. Here's how:

Open up the Settings application on your iPhone and switch to the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" section.

Tap on the "OmniFocus Reminders" account.

Double-tap on the contents of the "Server" field, tap "Select All" when the copy/paste tool appears. When the entire contents of the field is selected, tap "Copy".

Press the home button on your phone, switch to Mail, and open a new message.

Address the message to yourself. Double-tap in the body of the message and select "Paste". Once the calendar address appears in the message, go ahead and send it to yourself.

Once the mail shows up on your Mac, launch iCal and select "Subscribe to Calendar" from the Calendars menu. A new sheet will appear in iCal.

Type or paste "webcal://" into the "Calendar URL" field, but don't press the Subscribe button yet. Instead, paste the information from the email you sent yourself, and then press the button.

If iCal tells you the URL is invalid, check to make sure there are no spaces, no typos, no semicolons instead of colons, and that your slash characters are leaning the right direction.

Assuming everything got pasted in correctly, you'll be asked to supply the user name and password you use to log into your sync server. Type it in, press "OK", and you're good to go. The new calendar will appear in a "Subscribed" section of the iCal sidebar.

If anything unexpected happens, feel free to contact the support ninjas; we'll be happy to assist. Please let us know the exact text of any error message you got, and at what point in the process it showed up.