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Sent this to support and wanted to see if anyone else could use this capability:

I use Omnifocus to manage project workflow for my small business. One of the things I struggle with is tracking what I call meta-data about the project. Information like who worked on the project, where the project was published, invoices related to the project etc... We used to keep all this information in the notes section of the project but searching the notes, while impressive, is not fine grained enough for my purposes. For example I want to search all the projects that have been invoiced but do not have a payment date listed. Can't do that with the notes.

I'm sure a recommendation would be to go to OmniPlan but that is not task oriented enough for me. So I really need the task orientation of Omnifocus as well as its syncing.

Has there been any consideration given to allowing users add custom fields to just the project. I know I have seen suggestions that customer fields may be added to the tasks, I don't really need every task to contain this information, just the project.