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Hi - I am not sure I get this either. Whilst understanding your perspective about not shooting holes in the idea I equally don't think this is thought through.

Take iOS security which now includes encrypting all contents. You say this is a "pacifier" and these things can be broken. Well, you think OMNI have the resources to build a more secure platform than Apple?! Adding a password would be a futile gesture if we are to talk about real security! Password access would necessarily require encryption....and then the entire debate around how good that encryption is.

I am not mocking the need for security but I would say this. If you classify iOS and Mac OS X security as easily broken and nothing more than a pacifier then you haven't thought through what type of secure solution OMNI could possibly offer! And as good as they are I do not believe they are going to offer a solution that is better than what apple already provide!

IMHO - referring to your house analogy - switch on encryption and strong password protection, disable cloud services, and your front door becomes way safer than any safe you have inside of your house! And this is built into the mac and iOS covering all of your data!

As for transmitting data in the cloud for sync purposes --- do you really think encryption is that valuable? There are many debates about what encryption has and has not been broken. Bottom line - if your data is that sensitive omnifocus isn't the place to store it!

And in any event you can use a myriad of utilities to encrypt txt you store in omnifocus ---- far better to use those which allow different encryption for different data rather than a crack one access all data method!

IMHO of course :)
I was rallying for some checks and balances. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket with Apple regarding these apps and their data transmission--of which, YES, I do think is that important. It's your personal data and to reiterate, I want protection. Now Apple does have a "Kill Switch" built in to the iOS so therefore they must have some process to execute orders that the Emperor wants to command. Law enforcement have devices that can download a users data from their phones without needing to get Apple's approval. So I don't put all my trust with one company.

My request is from the position as a paying customer that has some leverage because of my dollars spent on their products. I'm not going to just roll over and salivate at new snazzy ICONS (a-hem) updates! I'm gonna tell them what I deem is important to me. If you don't ask then you don't get what you want. What's the negative in that? I make a request and they figure out satisfying their customer and everyone else reaps the benefit cause it makes the product better. I'd really like OF to be the best GTD app out and something that works for my life. I'm not satisfied with this product though. Now take a masterful product and company like 1Password and that suits the needs I'm asking for. Too bad they can't do GTD processing otherwise I'd delete my OF. This app has a master password and encryption. I already made the offer, and I would back up that offer, to the staff of Omni Group to take this up and do it--thereby increasing there ability to add resources.

Nothing of what I was asking would be a detriment. So I don't really get why there's opposition to this idea? But I do appreciate your thoughts and POV.