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LOL. Take a deep breath. It's not the end of the world.

Power users will always be frustrated by version 1.0 of any software offering. Omni may have lost some of our emotional investment by ignoring OmniFocus for so long. That's true. But you never know what rabbit might get pulled out of the hat.

The App Store policy and the longstanding Omni Group policy agree: minor updates should be free. Of course, if there is a major overhaul of the application with lots of shiny new features, we may release it as a new product, and that would cost money. But bug fixes, minor features, and miscellaneous polishing come at no cost."

I'm pretty sure that Omni will have a strategy to entice people to ugprade with a cheap introductory price to upgrade.

I remember buying EazyDraw 3.x on the Mac App Store because it was offered at a super cheap introductory price of $25.00. Recently, I saw EazyDraw 4 was introduced on the Mac App Store but it is considered a brand new product and selling for $95.00. Luckily, the company offered customers a transition or upgrade price. I just had to show evidence of purchase of their product on the App Store. So I just paid the upgrade price only.

All apps on the Mac App Store will have that same policy where major versions will be considered new products. We will probably have to buy major updates at full price. But I think a lot of developers are offering a very cheap introductory price for a limited time (3 months maybe?) to entice people to upgrade quickly. It's almost like being at the upgrade price.

Heck, I'm not happy with the Adobe subscription service but I can understand that may be how the world is going to drive towards.

i already pay a subscription for the privilege of using my cellphone or cable TV. I also have a maintenance plan for my 4D database development.I fear the new business model might be software developers charging for a subscription instead of paying a flat fee for software.

The Hit list offers a subscription fee for cloud syncing. That's something that some people like and some people are grumbling about. Pick a side...

Microsoft is thinking of the same thing to combat piracy. Sell a subscription service for Microsoft Office. You'll get all the updates within your allotted subscription period.

Another business that has been turned upside down is TV and movies. People have gotten acclimated to paying a subscription fee to watch everything they want on Hulu or Netflix. They don't "own" the disc anymore. But they can watch it on multiple devices and platforms.

The Mac App Store and the iTunes store has changed the business model of how software companies are doing things. I can't blame OmniFocus when they agreed to put Omni products on the Mac App Store. They had to agree to the Terms of Conditions to get in there.

We always have a choice of not buying Omni Product X and buying elsewhere. Hopefully there will be something that will fulfill our needs.

I still haven't found anything that matched OmniFocus and I'm too tired to keep switching back and forth. I got work to do.

I also have to reserve comment on OmniPlan for iPad at the moment. I've never used it and i really can't judge anything until I've actually sat down to play with it.

But here's an interesting review of OmniPlan: