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I'm having the same problem. The first few times it crashed, rebooting the phone made it run again for a short time. Now it will not start at all. I get the "loading" progress bar, and once it gets to about 1/4 the app just closes out.
For the most part, this appears to be happening to folks that have more actions in their database than the iPhone can hold in memory at once. Once memory runs out, the phone shuts the app down.

In OmniFocus 1.1, we added a new "Archive Old Data..." item under the File menu. It will move older actions over to a separate database file that isn't synced with your phone. This way, you have access to your older actions when you need to refer to them back on your desktop, but your phone doesn't run out of memory.

In general, we'd recommend trying to keep the number of actions on your phone down below a thousand.

So, the procedure here would be:
  • Back up database on desktop
  • Archive data on desktop
  • Synch on desktop
  • Synch on phone

Does that help the crashes?